Tala is a fast growing Syrian company deals in medical and pharmaceutical products and equipments for clinics and hospitals. TALA has for years pursued a strategic focus on activities in selected segments of the pharmaceutical market that offer specific structural growth and profit opportunities, and in associated health care market segments (medical products, wellness products).
TALA's product portfolio has been continuously expanded over recent years with the addition of a number of new products thanks to the strength of the Group's product development stream. The well-stocked product pipeline promises a continuous stream of new launches in the future as well. It is an integral component of the TALA Group's strategy to accelerate its expansion by means of acquisitions of products and/or companies.

Vision & mission
In fact TALA has achieved a good reputation position through its years of working.
When comparing it with companies of 50-60 years of working in the medical fields we find that little TALA has made for it self through its short years of experience what makes it notified and recognized among the others and maybe some times better than many.
This indicates to the enthusiastic that we all have thanks to the qualifications we have and the understanding to the market and the good evaluation we always make, besides our determine to continue what we begin no matter what we face and to over come all obstacles in our way to achieve what we believe in.
Another important fact is that we consider our selves member of the manufacturing company with close ties since benefits are shared between both.

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