Marketing policy:
Our marketing team work as we have said is a qualified one gets thanks to the academic training in the best institutes in Syria .

All have an interest in searching for new markets and getting through the market with new products. The distinctive focus on sales and marketing and on the customer is thus a key element of the Group's strategy. To this end, TALA's corporate structure is market-oriented. The individual sales companies are responsible for their own business activities, particularly in distribution and marketing, within their lines of business or national markets, and also within the scope of meeting agreed strategic and operational goals. Due to this lean and strictly market-oriented structure, the Group is Able to respond quickly and flexibly to sudden growth in individual national market segments and avoids any impedance to growth due to the Group's structure.

The centrally organized Group structures (strategic management, financial management and controlling, control and coordination of Procurement, production, logistics and product development as well as classic central functions such as legal issues, corporate development And corporate communications, participating in exhibitions, Making continuous lectures and seminars for what is new in medical product range

Building good relations with the client to order to enforce our friendship to gather after sales services, looking for new products, Training for Our team work for a better development This includes the marketing process, marketing strategy, or technical trainings for products we deal in, Continual market studying through the information about what is different if specification or prices or even knowing in what way, we or they are better. ) are lean to the extent possible and reasonable, and are strongly focused on growth, and we always look for to be the best through All of it.

The strategy :
TALA's strategic positioning can be summarized as:
 customer care and services.
 Superior ability to achieve immediate and long-team goals.
 Proven ability to analyze , plan, manage and motivate.
 solid writing editing and oral communication skills.
 Excellent human relations skills, having dealt a variety of customers and employees.
 Marketing research.
 Marketing report.
 Marketing analyzing.
 Customer follow up.
 Expanding the market.
 Comparative studying.
 Motivating customer
 Marketing planning


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